are specialized in applied engineering that aligns with green technologies, renewable energy in cooling/heating and advanced mechanical system.

We provide turnkey design from building construction, mechanical, electrical and control automation system. Our service offers in applied engineering include contracting work, consultation & implementation in energy savings for heating, air conditioning and compressed air system, which represent significant percentage in most buildings and industrial facilities.


in applied engineering solutions

Smart VAC + Solar Roof

24-7 Monitor and Optimize your daily temperature using our SMART control technology to maximise energy efficiency in multiple locations.

– Easy to monitor the temperature of every spot in the areas.

– Alarm any Compressor. Condensing Unit or AHU that doesn’t function properly.

Show daily energy consumption to generate weekly and monthly report.

Schedule and notify routine maintenance.

– Automatically optimize to minimize peak load.

Energy Efficiency Hot Water Heating and Heat Recovery System

The requirement for hot water heating system for commercial buildings and hospitality services like hotel, hospital, spa, onsen and etc. becomes essential. Today’s challenge is how to find the cheapest alternative green technology that obtaining the maximum points for green building design standard. No matter it is a commercial building or industrial process hot water, we can assess the need and provide you the cost effective solution for your application.

Intelligent Compressed Air System Optimization

An industrial compressed air system is a major operating expense, aging system could also experience further energy wastage from air leakage throughout the piping system. Our expertise is to provide facility owner to realize how the existing system perform through air audit and then providing solution to improve operational sequence of air compressors using intelligent optimization program. At least 15% energy saving could be achievable after implementation.

Turnkey Design & Contracting Work for System Upgrades

– Turnkey Engineering Design & Contraction Work we provide engineering turnkey design for Mechanical and Electrical System in the application around building pressurization, ventilation, air containing, heating and control system.

– Applied engineering solutions in new innovation technology in emerging technology for future sustainability, we can offer an innovative idea to improve efficiency in your facilities, Such as hybrid Solar-heat pump system, exhaust gas economizer for steam and hot water, Solar roof technology, Smart compressed air system and etc.

You have a vision. We have a way to get you there.


We are trusted by our customers to provide services in a variety of leading industries such as Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial Energy Services etc.


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