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Hot Water Heat Pumps

An ideal sustainable heating solution for today and tomorrow. HEATEC heat pump, a type of machinery that uniquely performs transfer of thermal energy. Hence accomplish the desired transfer of thermal energy from heat source to heat sink.


HEATEC heat pump consumes 1/3 of the energy as compare to conventional methods of heating technology. it recovers heat from external or waste heat source, where a fraction comes from the compression of refrigerant. the design and working principle proves that Heat Pump is authentically energy saving as compared to convention heating using electric heater.

HEATEC Heat Pump is a power multiplier on the principle of refrigeration by mean of transfering heat from either outdoor ambient air or waste water through the refrigeration cycle process to produce cheap hot water in any applications.

We design and build a wide range of high efficiency air source and water source heat pump. The Heating capacities range from 15 – 200 kW.

COMMERCIAL USER SUCH AS : Hotel, hospitals, school, hostels, resorts, country clubs, gyms/SPAs, centralised kitchens, centalised laundry, car washing, aircraft washing, water recreation parks, cruise liners...etc.

AND INDUSTRAIL USER SUCH AS : Electronics parts cleaning, food & meat processing, pulp & paper plants, chemical & fertilizer plants, textile plants, desalination plants..etc.

Air Source Heat Pump
HPAS G-Series Commercial 15-80 kW Download PDF
Note :
  • Performance and capacity ratings at 30°C ambient air and water inlet/outlet at 30/60°C
  • Due to continuous improvement, specification may change without prior notice.
  • Anti - Corrosion coated evaporator coil, Aluminum air filer, Stainless steel casing and Propeller fan are available as an option.
  • Please contact us if capacity required is outside our range.
Water Source Heat Pump
Note :
  • Specification above is based on source water inlet / outlet temperature at 12/7°C and hot water inlet/outlet temperature at 55/60°C condition.
  • Due to continuous improvement, specification may change without prior notice.
  • Please contact us if capacity required is outside our range.
Flat Plate

Copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer
Insulation polyurethane, 56 mm
Suitable for mains pressure water (working pressure: 6 bar)
Outer tank galvanized steel
All Aluminum frame
Inletand Outlet sizes 1/2"
Electric heater 1.5 kW
Working Temp. from -40 C to +100 C
Stable solar conversion throughout the day

STORA Heat Recovery Unit

Recovers waste heat to produce free hot water from split air conditioner!

STORA box recovers high temperature and waste heat from split air conditioner’s condensing unit and pump free heated hot water to STORA tank

In high hot water demand application, multiple boxes can be sized and connected to one large tank to serve peak load