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Globen Engineering (GBE) are specialized in engineering, procurement, manufacturing, and commissioning of Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning & Refrigeration systems and Pressurization systems for offshore and petroleum applications. We understand the needs of your business, in which safety and reliability are top priorities. As a result, we simplify the solution and deliver the safest and most reliable HVAC&R System at reasonable cost. Our engineering team is able to design and manufacture explosion – proof (Class I, Zone1 or Zone2 or Division1 or Division2) HVAC&R System with corrosion protection.

Globen Engineering participates in the design, fabrication, supply and installation of all kinds of HVAC systems. Based on your supplied general lay-outs (ACAD) we provide all calculations and drawings for design and fabricating. We are able to tailor-made and provide Explosion proof HVAC Air Conditioner of all sizes throughout the world. Form the Gulf of Thailand to South China Sea, our solutions have been used among the leaders in petroleum and petrochemical industry. Our in-house engineering team have more than 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing explosion proof HAVC System with corrosion protection that meet Class I, Zone 1 or 2 (Division 1 or 2) area application standard. We are committed to safety, reliability, service, and design excellence We maintain a full staff of professional engineers, project managers, marine service and construction personel.

At Globen, we are striving for the best to serve our client and also committed to social responsibility in sustainable growth for our future generation. We believed in continual innovation to provide a cutting edge in energy efficient technology and solutions to commercial and private sectors.

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